May 3rd, 2018: Dr. Fernanda Ferreira

Dr.¬†Fernanda Ferreira from the Department of Psychology will discuss “Integrating Integration and Prediction in Psycholinguistics”
Time: Thursday, May 3rd, 11:00-11:50
Location: Voorhies 228
Abstract: Current theories of language processing emphasize prediction as a mechanism to facilitate comprehension, which stands in stark contrast to what the field looked like a couple of decades ago, when prediction was rarely mentioned. I will argue that, for the field to move beyond repeated demonstrations of facilitated processing on expected words, it will need to come to terms with past findings that emphasize integration and the processes that underlie the formation of rich, elaborated representations of linguistic input, and that highlight the importance of informativeness rather than redundancy in communication. I will also argue that elaborated, coherent representations may allow comprehenders to generate better predictions. In addition, an emphasis on language as a tool for communication implies that much of language is non-redundant, suggesting that prediction is likely not for anticipating exact lexical or syntactic forms, but rather for getting a head start on ideas and upcoming discourse segments.

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