March 8th, 2018: Dr. Julia Menard-Warwick

Dr. Julia Menard-Warwick from the Department of Linguistics will discuss “Inclusionary and Exclusionary Interpretation Practices in Bilingual Parent Meetings”

Time: Thursday, March 8th, 11:00-11:50

Location: Voorhies 228

Abstract: From 2014-2016 I conducted an ethnographic study of parent participation at a bilingual elementary school in California, centered on the following research questions:

What programs and factors within programs facilitate the bilingual engagement of parents at Live Oak Elementary (pseudonym)? That is, what facilitates the engagement of Spanish-speaking parents with the school community, and what facilitates the engagement of English-speaking parents with Spanish-speaking parents?

Initial results indicated that many aspects of the parent programs at the school fostered a climate of inclusion for parents from both language backgrounds; however, interpretation practices at English-dominant meetings appeared to be a limiting factor for increased participation by Spanish-speaking parents. To better understand how interpretation was (not) working at the school, I further analyzed data on the participation of one highly active Spanish-dominant parent (pseudonym Imelda) in meetings conducted primarily in English. In presenting a case study of Imelda’s interpretation experiences at parent meetings between January 2015 and April 2016, this paper seeks to show the relationship between Imelda’s (non)participation in particular meetings and the ways that interpretation was configured in these meetings.


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