January 18th, 2018: Professor Carlee Arnett

Professor Carlee Arnett from the Department of German will discuss “Concept-based approaches and the use of animations to to teach grammar”.

Time: Thursday, January 18th, 11:00-11:50

Location: Voorhies 228

Abstract: Concept-based approaches to grammar teaching generally adopt the cognitive linguistic view of language and present grammar as a conceptually motivated system that is rooted in embodied  experiences (e.g. force, dynamics, space, etc.) and other principles of human perception (figure-ground). This presentation reports on a study which used animations to make the respective grammar principles of concept-based explanations more transparent to learners. To this end, forty-nine first-year students of German were divided into two groups. The experimental group worked with concept-based explanation of the German passive by means of multimedia animations and performed tasks that aim to foster the relevant conceptualization processes and the control group was presented with a form-based explanation taken from the textbook used. The results of the posttest show that the students in the experimental group significantly outperformed those in the control group, especially in the tasks where the passive was tested in semantic and pragmatic contexts.


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