November 28th, 2017: Dr. Claudia Sánchez Gutiérrez and Hugo Mailhot

Dr. Claudia Sánchez Gutiérrez from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and Hugo Mailhot from the Department of Computer Science will discuss “MorphoLex: A morphological database for English and French words”

Time: Tuesday, November 28th, 3:10-4:00

Location: Voorhies 228

Abstract: Most of the new words a reader encounters in English or French are morphologically complex. Also, theoretical models of language processing propose that morphology plays an important role in visual word processing. Nevertheless, studies on the subject show contradicting results that are difficult to reconcile. One factor that may explain these contradictions is the lack of a sizeable and reliable morphological database. As a consequence, there are enormous methodological differences in the way the values for morphological variables are calculated across studies. To address this gap, we created MorphoLex_EN and MorphoLex_FR, two morphological databases with computations for a wide range of relevant variables, including family size, productivity and family frequency for the affixes and roots for 70,000 English words and 40,000 French words respectively. During our presentation, we will explain the structure and specificities of both databases as well as present some of the struggles of creating this type of database. Additionally, we will exemplify how the databases can be used by means of a series of regression models that will allow us to look into the effect of all our new variables on the processing of 4,724 morphologically complex nouns.

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