October 31, 2017: Dr. Eugênia Fernandes

Dr. Eugênia Fernandes from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese will discuss “Idioms in Brazilian Portuguese: lexicalization and grammaticalization based on a continuum analysis”

Time: Tuesday, October 31st, 3:10-4:00

Location: Voorhies 228

Abstract: The idioms are further evidence of the dynamic nature of languages. The study of this phenomenon in this research was done under typological-functional concepts. To address the linguistic analysis of idioms, I worked under the notions of continuum of grammaticalization and lexicalization: the creation of lexical items resulting from the joining of other lexical items. The research also permeated the distinctions between concepts of lexicalization, grammaticalization and phraseology. The corpus for the research was raised by the analysis of textbooks devoted to the teaching of Portuguese as a second language. Consisting on 245 idiomatic expressions, the corpus has gone through an analysis of five different aspects in each expression. I observed the level of fixity of each expression to establish them in a continuum of lexicalization. All expressions have also been tested from authentic genres in online contexts. The prototypes of idioms were identified by the behavior of the phenomenon in the analysis of the continuum. Idioms are necessarily pragmatic and learners of Portuguese as a foreign language need special support, since the materials available today do not fully meet their expectations. The analysis and systematization of idioms resulted in support for authors of textbooks and teachers of Portuguese, leading to the inclusion of results in future materials and teaching models that can now serve as an input in the classroom.

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