October 11th 2016: Dr. Kenji Sagae



Talk Title:

Syntactic parsing of child language and automatic assessment of grammatical development


Automatic analysis of the linguistic structure of spoken utterances is a fundamental problem in computational linguistics. I will present a framework for accurate syntactic parsing of child language, and its application in automatic assessment of grammatical development using the Index of Productive Syntax. I will also discuss recent results that suggest that a language-independent data-driven approach to measurement of grammatical development in children is within reach.

Short bio:

Kenji Sagae is an assistant professor of Linguistics at UC Davis. After completing a PhD in Language Technologies at Carnegie Mellon University, he held research positions at the University of Tokyo and the University of Southern California, where he was a research faculty member of the Computer Science department. For the past year he was a co-founder ofKITT.AI, a natural language processing startup. His research interests are in computational linguistics and data-driven natural language processing, with a focus on analysis of linguistic structure.

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