Feb. 23, 2016: Vai Ramanathan

During our regularly scheduled meeting, Professor Ramanathan will be giving a talk about job searching and employment after our degrees are finished. Her workshops are a beloved tradition for members of the Cluster for Language Research and we are thrilled to have her back again this year.

Time: Tuesday February 22, 2016, 11am – 11:50

Location: 228 Voorhies Hall



Vaidehi Ramanathan, Professor of Linguistics at UC Davis


Vaidehi Ramanathan is a socio/applied linguist and professor at UC Davis. She is interested in the sociopolitical aspects of language learning and teaching, especially as they pertain to English, vernacular languages, globalization, language policies, teacher education, pedagogies, and literary practices. She is also interested in the languaging of “bodies” and “disabilities” and in the narrating and constructing of a “self” both through speech and writing.


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