Feb. 22, 2016: Scott Payne

Scott Payne, Principal Instructional Design Analyst at McGraw-Hill Education, will be discussing his work on SLA research in Digital Gaming Environments.

Time: Monday Feb 22, 2016, 12pm – 2pm

Location: 228 Voorhies Hall

“The Promise and Challenge of Conducting SLA Research in Digital Gaming Environments”

The potential for digital game-based language learning (DGBLL) seems almost endless. Never before have we had the ability to create such cuturally-rich, immersive contexts for language learning; however, research has not materialized to provide the empirical support for claims about the promise of DGBLL. In this talk, I will provide an overview of research findings including a discussion of gaps in the research base and address some of the challenges of investigating SLA in games. I will also introduce a new effort at McGraw-Hill Education to offer Practice Spanish: Study Abroad, a recently published Spanish language learning game, as a platform for promoting SLA research in digital game-based environments.
Scott_Payne sm
Scott Payne is Principal Instructional Design Analyst at McGraw-Hill Education in Edmonds, Washington. He has worked in Language Acquisition at Amherst College, Penn State, and other institutions around the country. He earned his PhD in Cognitive Psychology, Second Language Acquisition, and Educational Technology from Washington State University in 2000.

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